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  • Chocolate Bar White Pure, 100g
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    Chocolate Bar White Pure, 100g

    White Pure delivers the smoothness and creaminess of Swiss milk with a hint of Madagascar vanilla. By buying Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, Villars Maitre Chocolatier supports sustainable cocoa farming.

  • White Chocolate Bar with...
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    White Chocolate Bar with...

    A sweet and exotic combination of whole California almonds and caramelized shredded coconut in a creamy Swiss white chocolate.

  • White Chocolate Branch, 12...
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    White Chocolate Branch, 12...

    Villars Maître Chocolatier presents its white chocolate branches.

    Find all the quality and aromatic intensity of Villars white chocolate in this bag of 12 chocolate branches of about 10g each, an ideal pastry to enjoy at a break or a snack time.

    And if you decide to make your own homemade chocolate breads for a gourmet breakfast, then these branches will be perfect and resist heat well!

Villars white chocolate: the purest creaminess

Made with cocoa butter and delicious Swiss milk, Villars white chocolates celebrate this delicately flavoured confectionery.

Contrary to common preconceptions, white chocolate is not a sub-product of the chocolate industry. It is a complex, creamy, meltingly delicious product that works admirably in the most complex pastry recipes and the simplest of preparations too.

Unlike what certain purists claim, white chocolate is not a sub-product of chocolate candy production. It is a genuine type of recognised chocolate and its composition must comply with certain rules.

Clarification about white chocolate

When making dark or milk chocolate, the cocoa beans are fermented, roasted then crushed to create the famous cocoa powder. This stage also results in the creation of cocoa butter.

This vegetable fat is used in dark chocolate and milk chocolate candies and bars. It prevents the chocolate from melting at room temperature and gives it the creaminess necessary for it to melt in the mouth. It is one of the most stable fats in the world. This specific butter extends the shelf-life of all chocolate products.

Cocoa butter is the base for white chocolate in a simple recipe that combines it with sugar and milk. Swiss and European legislation demands that the cocoa butter content must be at least 20% of the recipe ingredients (“in our recipe, the content is 29%”).

Unlike its dark and milk “cousins”, white chocolate contains no cocoa paste or cocoa powder.

It is nevertheless a delicious product with a delicate flavour that highlights other ingredients in its composition, like fine Swiss milk.

Villars white chocolate: sweetness and creaminess

The success of our chocolate products comes of course from the carefully selected cocoa beans. But the delicious Swiss milk from our cows grazing freely in the mountain pastures also plays its part.

This flavour is enhanced in the white chocolate products as they contain no cocoa powder. The combination of milk and cocoa butter creates a mild flavour, melting texture and deliciously sweet creaminess lifted by notes of Madagascan vanilla.

Remember that our chocolate bars contain no palm oil and the cocoa we use is sustainably farmed.

You will find our white chocolate in our PURE collection of Villars bars organised by colour: white, blonde, Swiss milk, dark, etc.

Our Blonde bar is a white chocolate made with caramelised milk to create an astonishing flavour reminiscent of a caramel biscuit.

As we mentioned above, cocoa butter amplifies the taste of the other ingredients, acting as a flavour enhancer. Our “White Almond & Coconut” bar is the proof of this. It is a delicious and exotic product thanks to the successful pairing of whole almonds and grated coconut.

Finally, we use white chocolate in our candies: pralines, chocolate animals for Easter, box of Swiss chocolates and more.

To conclude, white chocolate is a magic ingredient for delicious pastries. Take a look at our dessert recipes devised by our chefs for children and adults (visit this page). From simply coating strawberries - the ideal recipe for budding pastry chefs - to the mini cheesecake and our famous white chocolate mousse with its quince compote with vanilla and grapes, there is no doubt you will find something to amaze your guests thanks to the very high quality of our white chocolate.

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