Blond Chocolate

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  • Chocolate Bar Blond Pure, 100g
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    Chocolate Bar Blond Pure, 100g

    Blond Pure is a melt-in-the-mouth delight, combining the delicate taste of biscuit, caramel and Swiss milk.

    By buying Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, Villars Maitre Chocolatier supports sustainable cocoa farming.

  • Blond Chocolate Branch, 12...
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    Blond Chocolate Branch, 12...

    Villars Maître Chocolatier presents its blond chocolate branches.

    Find all the quality and aromatic intensity of Villars blondchocolate in this bag of 12 chocolate branches of about 10g each, an ideal pastry to enjoy at a break or a snack time.

    And if you decide to make your own homemade chocolate breads for a gourmet breakfast, then these branches will be perfect and resist heat well!

  • Mini Chocolate Bar Blond...
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    Mini Chocolate Bar Blond...

    All the quality and aromatic intensity of Pure recipes in an individual 50g format. Blond Swiss chocolate with caramelized milk. By buying Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, Villars Maitre Chocolatier supports sustainable cocoa farming.

Blonde chocolate: chocolatey smoothness from Villars

Our PURE collection has all the colours of chocolate in seven bars: from pure white to the most intense dark chocolate with 85% cocoa. Blonde chocolate (a clever combination of white chocolate and caramelised milk) comes second in our collection but according to certain gourmets, takes the top spot with its original and unrivalled biscuity flavour.

Blonde chocolate is still relatively little-known. The reason is simple: it was only invented recently... And in an original way. Frédéric Bau, master chocolatier at another chocolate makers, simply forgot his white chocolate in the oven in a bain-marie. When he came back a few hours later, the mixture had taken on a colour similar to dulce de leche, the famous caramelised condensed milk so adored all over South America. The flavour, however, was nothing like that of the initial white chocolate. Nevertheless, it took eight years of work and experience to sell the first blond chocolate bars and sweets.

Villars blonde chocolate: high-end ingredients

Always at the cutting-edge of research for its exceptional chocolates, Maison Villars finally developed its own recipe using carefully curated high-end ingredients.

Firstly, our chocolatiers based their recipe on our famous white chocolate and its fabulous vanilla notes, then on the excellence of our rigorously selected products.

Remember that white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. We only use cocoa butter (no other fat) and carefully select the milk essential for our recipes.

Since the creation of Maison Villars, we have relied on Swiss milk farmers. Their dairy farms have an average of 25 cows and the farmers name each of them. From small-sized farms and cows that are pampered all year round, this very high-quality milk brings creaminess and sweetness to all our chocolates. And the texture is recognisable straight away.

The milk is slowly and gently caramelised. In line with our high standards, even our sugar is local! It is made from sugar beet and meets very precise environmental criteria.

The process for making this chocolate is a jealously guarded secret. It is prepared under strictly secret conditions by our master chocolatiers.

The result is a bar with a magnificent gold colour and a very particular flavour between the sweetness of a light caramel, the flavours and creaminess of our Swiss milk with a silky texture similar to white chocolate. A smooth caramel fragrance, a taste similar to a lightly toasted biscuit with notes of vanilla: Villars blonde chocolate is a flavour experience all by itself.

Blonde chocolate is delicious on its own but is also causing sparks to fly in patisserie where many chefs now use it. You will find two original dessert recipes on our special “Recipe Ideas” page:

chocolate strawberries made with four of our PURE chocolates - white, blonde, milk and dark - in a very simple recipe where the berries is lightly coated with chocolate 

mango and blonde chocolate dessert - ideal for teaching your little ones the basics of patisserie. 

Our blonde chocolate comes in a 100 gram bar in our PURE collection or as individual sweets. We have another original offer: the Trio of Pure Swiss Chocolates, the ideal pack to taste with family or friends that contains Swiss milk chocolate and the famous FUSION (combination of milk and dark chocolate).

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