Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day

For February 14th, discover our selection of gift ideas for lovers of exceptional chocolate. All orders placed before ???? at 12 noon will be delivered in time for Valentine's Day.

  • Box of Small Heart Shaped...
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    Box of Small Heart Shaped...

    Small hearts in Swiss milk chocolate. An original milk chocolate recipe from the '50 by Villars Chocolate Master turned into a delicate small heart-shaped chocolate bonbon.

  • Chocolate Bonbons 125g
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    Chocolate Bonbons 125g

    Our ganache is a mixture of heated fresh cream and hot chocolate. We use the double cream of the Gruyère region, into which we pour chocolate. Depending on the recipe, this ganache can be pure, it is a "palet or" or contain particular flavours (aniseed, mint, caramel, coffee, rum, five spices) that we infuse into the cream.

    The inside of the chocolate candy can also be made of the best almond or chocolate paste and dried fruit (almonds or hazelnuts).

    This soft and homogeneous mixture is left to rest for 24 hours before being manually broken down into small portions the size of a candy, which are then coated with a thin layer of chocolate.

    The handmade chocolate candies are light and melting. They should be eaten at room temperature within a few days of being made and kept cool and dry.

    Best consumed within 20 days

  • Chocolate Bonbons 250g
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    Chocolate Bonbons 250g

    Chocolate sweets, a unique speciality because exception deserves excellence, Villars invites you to discover its collection of ganaches and pralines made by hand in the heart of Fribourg. The ganaches, a delicious mixture of chocolate and cream, are made exclusively from Gruyère double cream, whose roundness, richness and smoothness give it its typical character. The ganaches, sometimes with added fruit pulp or infused with spices, are then delicately coated with a thin layer of chocolate and decorated by hand. The pralines, a gourmet combination of roasted dried fruits and chocolate, release subtle notes of hazelnuts and almonds. As the seasons go by, Villars renews its assortment of sweets, offering unique creations for special tasting moments.

    Best consumed within 20 days

  • Chocolate Bonbons 400g
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    Chocolate Bonbons 400g

    Villars presents its unmissable handmade pralines and ganaches made from double Gruyère cream in a gourmet format of 400g. These exceptional products are rich in flavour and fine in the mouth, and stand out for their unrivalled melting quality.

    A perfect idea for a gift or a perfect product to treat yourself.

    Best consumed within 20 days